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JBM-51831 Heat Glue Gun
JBM-51831 Heat Glue GunVoltage: 100-230V Temperature: 190-230°C Consumption: 60-150 W Nozzle diamete..
JBM-51837 Dry Hoover 30L
JBM-51837 Dry Hoover 30L..
JBM-51838 Wet and Dry Hoover 80L
JBM-51838 Wet & Dry Hoover 80L..
JBM-52192 Vertical Drill 8inch
JBM-52192 Vertical Drill 8inchPerforation capacity (mm) 13 Bitholder capacity (mm) 13 Neck capacity ..
JBM-52193 Vertical Drill 10inch
JBM-52193 Vertical Drill 10inchPerforation capacity (mm) 16 Bitholder capacity (mm) 16 Neck capacity..
JBM-52194 Vertical Drill 20inch
JBM-52194 Vertical Drill 20inchPerforation capacity (mm) 32 Bitholder capacity (mm) 20 Neck capacity..
JBM-52195 Bench grinder
JBM-52195 Bench grinderPower entrance 250W Voltage 220-2400V / 50Hz Velocity without charge 2950 rpm..
JBM-52196 Bench grinder 150mm To 200mm
JBM-52196 Bench grinderEntry nominal power 250W Nominal tension 220-240V / 50 Hz Speed without charg..
JBM-52383 Soldering Iron
JBM-52383 Soldering IronVOLTAGE 220-240V - TEMP. 420ºC +/-10% LARGE 250MM CABLE: 1.5m..
JBM-52465 Hot Air Gun
JBM-52465 Hot Air GunSpecifications: Power: 1600-2000W Air: 200-500l/min Exit temperature: 50-550ºC ..
JBM-53111 Soldering Iron 100W
JBM-53111 Soldering Iron 100WVolt.: 220-240V Temp.: 420ºC + / - 10%Cable: 1,5mLarge: 250mm..
JBM-53189 Standing Fan
JBM-53189 Standing FanVoltage (V): 230VFrequency (Hz): 50HzPower (W): 120WSpeed Setting: 3Speed (rpm..
JBM-53190 Floor Fan
JBM-53190 Floor FanVoltage (V): 230VFrequency (Hz): 50HzPower (W): 120WSpeed Setting: 3Speed (rpm/mi..
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