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JBM-50724 Digital Calipers
JBM-50724 Digital Calipers 150mm..
JBM-50907 Laser Thermometer
Laser Thermometer Specifications: Range Of Measurement: -55-350 °C Accuracy: 1%, 1 °C Reaction..
JBM-50937 Vernier Calipers
JBM-50937 Vernier CalipersVernier Calipers 150mm..
JBM-50942 Multimeter
JBM-50942 MultimeterGRIFFIN PROTECTOR Digits: 3 1/2 Measurement: 2000 Instantaneous data Automatic s..
JBM-51235 Battery Tester
JBM-51235 Battery TesterFor 6V and 12V batteries Charge up to 100 Ah Charge status test Startup cons..
JBM-51815 Digital Battery Tester With Printer  For Use With 6V And 12V Batteries
Digital Battery Tester With Printer For Use With 6V And 12V Batteries Measurement In Sae, En, Iec,..
JBM-51816 Battery Tester Digital
JBM-51816 Battery Tester DigitalFor use with 12V batteries Measurement in SAE (CCA), EN, IEC, DIN, C..
JBM-52162 Laser Thermometer
JBM-52162 Laser ThermometerMeasurement range: from -50ºC to 330ºC (58ºF to 626ºF) Precision: +/- 2ºC..
JBM-52231 Multimeter Accessory Kit
JBM-52231 Multimeter Accessory KitSuitable for large range of multimeters. Includes: 2 sounds, 2 lit..
JBM-52233 Battery Tester With Printer
JBM-52233 Battery Tester With Printer..
JBM-52382 Multimeter With Clamp
JBM-52382 Multimeter With ClampVoltage AC, DC, Current AC test, electric current resistance, diode t..
JBM-52438 Quick Clamp Tester Kit
JBM-52438 Quick Clamp Tester KitAccessory kit to suit 50942..
JBM-52439 Multimeter Test kit For 50942
JBM-52439 Multimeter Test kit For 50942Contents: 2 variable resistance meter 2 test lights led 2 SRS..
JBM-52450 Laser Thermometer Infrared
JBM-52450 Laser Thermometer InfraredMeasure -50ºC ~1000ºC / -58ºF a 1.832ºF Tolerance +/-1,5ºC Funct..
JBM-52793 Goniometer 3-4th-inch
Useful For Tightening Screws According To Specifications Determined By The Manufacturers Of Vehicles..
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