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Workshop Tools And Hydraulics. Lubricant Control

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JBM-50797 Oil Hose Reel
JBM-50797 Oil Hose ReelOil base/spool Length: 15 m 1/2" mouth..
JBM-50852 Grease Gun
JBM-50852 Grease GunIncludes: Rigid tube Flexible tube Pressure: 20 Mpa..
JBM-50924 Cart For Steel Drum
JBM-50924 Cart For Steel DrumSuitable for 200 L steel oil drums 3 wheels Swivel Equipped with rear w..
JBM-50935 Gun Kit For Oil
JBM-50935 Gun Kit For OilRatio PRESSURE: 5: 1 Air inlet: 1/4" Air outlet: 1/2" Working PRESSURE: 6-8..
JBM-51132 Anti-Freeze Collector
JBM-51132 Anti-Freeze Collector15L Capicity Oil/Anti-freeze Collector Black - Side exhaust outlet - ..
JBM-51253 Oil Drum pump
JBM-51253 Oil Drum pump..
JBM-51356 Steel Tray
JBM-51356 Steel Tray..
JBM-51647 Oiler
Oiler . Diameter: 45 Cm . Total Length: 55 Cm . Height: 15 Cm . Capacity: 250 Cl..
JBM-51791 Oil Drainer
JBM-51791 Oil DrainerOil tube volume: 90 L Oil capacity: < 70 L Air pressure when oil is ejected:..
JBM-51876 Oil Collector
JBM-51876 Oil Collector15L Capicity - Side exhaust outlet - Loading handles - High resistance PVC - ..
JBM-51914 Grease Drum Kit For 25L
JBM-51914 Grease Drum Kit For 25LRatio PRESSURE: 50: 1 Air PRESSURE: 5-8/70-115 (bar/psi) Max. PRESS..
JBM-51928 Oil Suction Gun
JBM-51928 Oil Suction Gun..
JBM-51971 Grease Drum Kit For 50L
JBM-51971 Grease Drum Kit For 50LRatio PRESSURE: 50: 1 Air PRESSURE: 5-8/70-115 (bar/psi) Max. PRESS..
JBM-52242 Oiler Pump 500ml
JBM-52242 Oiler Pump 500ml..
JBM-52243 Oiler Pump 250mml
JBM-52243 Oiler Pump 250mml..
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