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AST-Wire Clamp Tool
Wire Clamp ToolThis clamp tool is an ideal solution for holding wires in place during soldering. It ..
JBM-51119 7pc Lambda Socket Set
JBM-51119 7pc Lambda Socket SetContents: 1/2" 29 x 9 socket with 90 mm length, 1/2" to 7/8"socket wi..
JBM-51120 Valve Spring Compressor Set
JBM-51120 Valve Spring Compressor SetCan be used for cars or motorcycles The 5 adapters can be fitte..
JBM-51126 Radio Removal Kit
JBM-51126 Radio Removal KitSuitable for: Blaupunkt Peugeot Clarion Skoda Alpine BMW Opel Audi Grundi..
JBM-51259 Alternator Pulley Puller
JBM-51259 Alternator Pulley PullerContents: 3 x twist sockets: T50X113mm, M10X113mm, M10X90mm 1 x to..
JBM-51339 Radiator Pressure and Cooling System Tester
JBM-51339 Radiator Pressure & Cooling System TesterN. 1 GM, 4 cylinders (Buick, Chevrolet, Ponti..
JBM-51347 Mechanics Stethoscope
JBM-51347 Mechanics Stethoscope..
JBM-51491 14pc Lambda Socket Set
JBM-51491 14pc Lambda Socket SetMeasurements: 17 x 78 mm L (12 PT): RENAULT 19 x 78 mm L (12 PT): VW..
JBM-51492 Injection System Meter And Tester
Injection System Meter And Tester. The Purpose Of This Instrument Is To Rapidly And Efficiently Mea..
JBM-51493 Injector Leak Off Kit
JBM-51493 Injector Leak Off KitThe purpose of this instrument is to rapidly and efficiently measure ..
JBM-51495 Ignition Coil Puller Set VW
JBM-51495 Ignition Coil Puller Set VWFor damage free removal of ignition coils Filts VW ENGINES CYL ..
JBM-51500 Grooved Pulley Puller
JBM-51500 Grooved Pulley PullerSuitable for use in crankcases, alternators, air conditioning units a..
JBM-51501 Air Bag Removal Tool
JBM-51501 Air Bag Removal Tool0.5 PC 1/4" x 87 mm tips (L): 2 Torx: T25 (for BMW) T30 (for Audi, Ope..
JBM-51570 100mm Vice
JBM-51570 100mm Vice..
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