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JBM-51121 Spring Clamp Set
JBM-51121 Spring Clamp SetClaws and stud forged with iron-carbon alloy, both heat-treated to ensure ..
JBM-51123 5pc Ball Joint Separator Set
JBM-51123 5pc Ball Joint Separator SetSet of versatile pullers. This system allows easy removal of t..
JBM-51368 Inner Tie Rod Tool
JBM-51368 Inner Tie Rod ToolDiam.: Min. 27mm Max. 45mm..
JBM-51369 Inner Tie Rod Tool
JBM-51369 Inner Tie Rod ToolDiam.: Min. 35mm Max. 42mm..
JBM-51414 Stud Bolt Extractor
JBM-51414 Stud Bolt ExtractorDiam. max. 20 / 15mm..
JBM-51490 Set Of Fork Seperators
JBM-51490 Set Of Fork Seperators1 X handle for use with a hammer 3 Forks: 11/16, 15/16 and 1-1/8". F..
JBM-51861 CV Boot Expander
JBM-51861 CV Boot ExpanderMaterial: aluminium Aperture 20 to 100 mm Max. pressure 9 bar (125 PSI)..
JBM-51902 Wishbone Lever Tool
JBM-51902 Wishbone Lever ToolMeasurements: Length: 120 cm Diameter Tube: 3.5 cm Brace distance: 50 c..
JBM-51919 Torque Multiplier
JBM-51919 Torque MultiplierContents: 40 CR Maximum torque: 6000 Nm Multiple in range 1: 56 Includes ..
JBM-51958 Ratchet Multiplier 3 Quarter inch and half-inch Reducer
JBM-51958 Ratchet Multiplier 3/4inch + 1/2inch Reducer3/4" RATCHET MULTIPLIER + 1/2" REDUCER Content..
JBM-51991 Wheel Alignment Tool
JBM-51991 Wheel Alignment ToolTotal open length 1950 mm Total closed length 1100 mm Screw measuremen..
JBM-52012 Junior Torque Multiplier
JBM-52012 Junior Torque MultiplierContents: 1x torque multiplier 1x 90° extender bar Sockets 17 mm, ..
JBM-52205 Professional Spring Compressor
Professional Spring Compressor 1St Pair: Use Range: 80-115Mm. Weight: 1.45 Kg 2Nd Pair: Use Range:..
JBM-52206 6 Disk Set For Spring Compressor Ref 52
6 Disk Set For Spring Compressor Ref. 52205 1St Pair: Use Range: 80-115Mm. Weight: 1.45 Kg 2Nd Pai..
JBM-52227 Macpherson Coil Spring Compressor
JBM-52227 Macpherson Coil Spring Compressor1st PAIR: USE RANGE: 80-115mm., WEIGHT: 1.45 Kg2nd PAIR: ..
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