Tyre Fitting

Workshop Tools And Hydraulics. Tyre Fitting

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JBM-11900 Aluminium Valve Caps
JBM-11900 Aluminium Valve CapsPack of 4..
JBM-11901 Green Valve Caps
JBM-11901 Green Valve CapsPack of 4..
JBM-11902 Black Valve Caps
JBM-11902 Black Valve CapsPack of 4..
JBM-50600 Self Adhesive Weights 45gr bar Zinc
JBM-50600 Self Adhesive Weights 45gr bar Zinc..
JBM-50601 Self Adhesive Weights 45gr bar Iron
JBM-50601 Self Adhesive Weights 45gr bar iron..
JBM-50938 Wheel Weight Selection Box
JBM-50938 Wheel Weight Selection Box..
JBM-51355 Weight Balancing Pliers
JBM-51355 Weight Balancing PliersExtracts easily and replaces the counterweight Cuts and folds easil..
JBM-51358 Tyre Lever 16inch
JBM-51358 Tyre Lever 16inchMeasurements: 16" or 40.64 cm..
JBM-51359 Tyre Lever 24inch
JBM-51359 Tyre Lever 24inchMeasurements: 24" or 60.96 cm..
JBM-51362 Tyre Lever 12inch
JBM-51362 Tyre Lever 12inch..
JBM-51741 Tyre Valve TR413
JBM-51741 Tyre Valve TR413TR413 45mm..
JBM-51742 Tyre Valve TR414
JBM-51742 Tyre Valve TR414 100 packTR414 51mm in 100 unit bag..
JBM-51743 Tyre Valve TR418
JBM-51743 Tyre Valve TR418TR418 64mm ..
JBM-51908 Wheel Weight Dispenser
JBM-51908 Wheel Weight Dispenser1,000 x 5 gr bars of self-adhesive iron wheel weights with 4 mm thic..
JBM-51980 Tyre Inflator With Gauge
JBM-51980 Tyre Inflator With Gauge..
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